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My bad for reading too quickly. Live and learn. Its also interesting that my Energy Saver is set to put the computer to sleep after 15 minutes, but I guess this screen saver is considered activity, so my computer never went to sleep, therefore it was showing the beautiful videos to no one all night long.

5 Screensavers You Need For Your Mac

I use the screen savers all day, it does not use GB of data or anywhere close, maybe you have displays? That would be the only way I can imagine it using so much data.

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I have dual screens and use the new version with video stream caches, uses about mb of bandwidth as seen from LittleSnitch. Be very carful. It uses a crazy amount of data. I downloaded it last week and thought it was wonderful. We have now used up GB of data in a week, which put me over my limit. No where in the article does it talk about the bandwidth usage. An entire paragraph near the bottom of the article explains the bandwidth usage and how the screen saver works, by streaming from Apple:.

There is no such option on Apple TV, however, where it must stream. Assuming you get that version, it is safe as is if you download it from Github as provided. Riveria, True. Thanks for the feedback. What would life be like then? Download the beta version of the screen saver from Github, works fine in all versions of OS X I have tested it on.

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You need to install the screen saver and have internet access for it to work. I love the screen savers, they are awesome!!!!! Thanks in advance. Tested with hot corners, all good. Deleted the screensaver app. That was last week.. I am on the beta of OSX though so ya never know.

Do these work with the energy saver feature that puts your computer to sleep or turns off your monitor after a specified time? Yes it does, I use this screen saver with Energy Saver to turn off my displays after 30 minutes of inactivity. I have my settings like yours 30 minutes to sleep but the display never sleeps. I rechecked the settings and confirmed this. I may have to stop using these movies because having both big screens on constantly is not a good idea.

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The optional pull down menu that used to be there to select your folder is gone. Wow, this Aerial thing is sure screwing up my system. Any ideas on how to go back? Select a different screen saver in the preference panel, or remove it. Used the Delete key and also tried a control-click but no contextual menu. And no plus or minus signs either.

The Aerial SS just keeps whirring away, while my other ones disappear after 15 minutes. Yes you are right. Great screen savers, thanks. Hey, do you know if the one in Hawaii that goes around the cliff with the little waterfall was in Molokai? I like adventuring and want to take a dip in that little fountain of youth. Under Systems Preferences, you need to open Security and Privacy. In there there will be a button to allow you to open it anyway.

Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. How to display a screen saver on your Mac You can set your Mac to display a screen saver, either manually or automatically after a period of inactivity. Choose a screen saver Your Mac comes with several screen savers that display photos, messages, artwork from your iTunes library or photo library, and more.

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Click the Screen Saver tab. Screen savers appear on left side of the window, and a preview of the selected screen saver appears on the right. Click a screen saver to select it.

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To see a full-screen preview, move your pointer over the preview, then click the Preview button that appears within. Click the General tab. Select the option to require password after sleep or screen saver begins. Turn off your display or put it to sleep Your Mac uses its processor, graphics chip, and display when it shows a screen saver. Use the slider to choose the time of inactivity. It features customizability options and an optional digital clock.

Best Landscape Screensavers for Mac - Aerial from AppleTV

Panerai is a simple analog clock screensaver , which is inspired by the Luminor Marina watches by Panerai. Its main analog clock is displayed in light green color. Aurora is the beautiful light shown by nature in the skies of polar regions. Space Journey 3D packs in an exciting set of mind-boggling space photos , which includes wormholes, hyperspace passageways, and many more amazing pictures. Retro Sci-Fi will drive you through pics of those old sci-fi movies.

It includes various majestic sets of photos of a futuristic dashboard with circuit boards, terminals, etc. You will be awestruck with by innovative animation in this screensaver.

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Dropclock shows the numbers of the digital clock dropping freely into the water. With this screensaver, you will be diving through the statistics of each of the major cities all over the globe , which is shown on a beautiful rotating earth. You will get immersed in the feeling of visiting the medieval period with these fresh and vibrant animated set of Dutch windmills and water bodies. With this stunning clock screensaver, Polar Clock, you will see an innovative and magnificent clock, whose circles indicate the current date and time. Tw1ingly screensaver updates you with news about blog activities all the time on your screen.

GitHub - agarrharr/awesome-macos-screensavers: ๐ŸŽ ๐Ÿ–ฅ ๐ŸŽ† A curated list of screensavers for Mac OS X

It is a useful screensaver if news and gossips are two of your prime interests. This screensaver shows the sea waves hitting the beach on a full moon. Midnight Beach seems so realistic and gorgeous that you will feel soothing effects. Futuristic City 3D shows a futuristic metropolis city, which is filled with perfect pictures that take you to the world of tomorrow with its architectural solutions. Another 3D screensaver, Earth 3D shows a r ealistic view of our Earth with big towers and famous monuments of a particular region.

It also shows info about some big cities. Apple Watch is a beautiful screensaver, which shows beautifully designed analog as well as digital clocks. It brings a shiny minimalistic appearance with numerous colors and faces. If you are a type of person who likes vintage things, then this screensaver designed in the mid-twentieth century flip clock style will rock your desktop. Flurry is composed of beautiful photos from Flurry, the original screensaver of macOS X.

It looks epic on your desktop, which features colorful, smoke-like flurries. Living Marine Aquarium 2 shows the deep sea with its rich living world, making it a fascinating screensaver having sea creatures like Anemone Crab, Sea Horse, etc. Read also: 40 Picturesque and Beautiful Underwater Wallpapers. This screensaver shows a famous sight of an old train chugging through the American backlands on the western railway. It is a must screensaver for all the train lovers.

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