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Experience the best PDF import and export engine out there — making it easy to collaborate with other creative professionals. Have in your hands the most complete SVG editing tool that will blow your mind with unmatched precision, which makes it the Best tool for UI design with non-destructive Boolean operations and a Knife tool.

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Quick prototyping and responsive design with using styles, symbols, anchors, pages and master pages. Mix vectors with multiple filters, stack and arrange them in the way you want. Gravit Designer allows you to add multiple indestructible effects and blending modes to the whole shape or just parts of it.

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Choose from more than 40 effects and 28 blending modes. Apply multiple fills and borders to any object and create effects, that you have never seen before with screen, noise and pattern fill modes.

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Finally, Gravit Designer gives you unmatched precision in any unit pixels, mm, cm, etc. With this release we made Gravit Designer even more awesome and delivered a bunch of improvements and bug fixes — probably even a couple of new features. Keep on designing! My biggest issue is that it likes some EPS files, but not others. It also has no Adobe.

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AI support. The interface is responsive and has light and dark modes. Uncompress the downloaded file and run SweetHome3D application found in the uncompressed directory, possibly using this tip to launch it with a double click under Ubuntu. Clicking on the previous link will automatically download and launch Sweet Home 3D. Choose to open the SweetHome3D. Each zipped file of the section SweetHome3D-models contains a double-clickable SH3F file describing additional 3D models created by contributors for the furniture catalog of Sweet Home 3D.

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Read Libraries of 3D models section for more information. Textures libraries. Each zipped file of the section SweetHome3D-textures contains a double-clickable SH3T file describing additional textures created by contributors for the textures catalog of Sweet Home 3D. Furniture Library Editor Like the Furniture import wizard , this application lets you quickly create a SH3F file and edit the properties of the 3D models it contains. Textures Library Editor 1 MB. Like the Textures import wizard, this application lets you easily create a SH3T file and edit the properties of the texture images it contains.

TXT file included in this archive for instructions about installation process. Sweet Home 3D portable MB. Once you uncompressed this archive in a given folder on a hard disk or a USB key , you can move this folder or the USB key where you copied it to use Sweet Home 3D on another computer, without losing software configuration.

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Sweet Home 3D executable jar 25 MB. It's not the preferred option to run Sweet Home 3D because you won't get association with Sweet Home 3D files, and depending on the Java version you use, it could use 96 MB of memory at maximum, which is too small to create middle sized homes. This JAR file is useful for plug-ins developers and advanced users who wants to run Sweet Home 3D with customized Java options like the -Xmx Java option that lets you choose the maximum memory size used by Java.

From Sweet Home 3D 5. Sweet Home 3D installers. The cross platform function makes it easy to work anywhere since there is an online version! It works perfectly for building wireframes and mock-ups. Compared to similar software, it is lean and intuitive, which makes it easy to learn and start right away. The ability to run it on whatever system I might be on Linux, Mac or Windows has changed the game for collaboration! Before I was using Photoshop to create concepts and it would constantly bog down my system with each additional element I added. Now, with Gravit I throw whatever I want into the canvas and just get to work!

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Professional Vector Editing. Draw perfect geometric shapes with smart control points Construct custom vector paths with precise Pen and Bezigon tools Combine multiple shapes with non-destructive and nested Boolean operations Complete vector toolbox including Knife and Lasso tools, including the ability to vectorize borders or offset path contours Turn images into fully editable vectors.

Flexible, Non-destructive Object Styling.

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Apply multiple fills, borders, effects, and blending modes to any object Work with RGB, HSB and CMYK colors Add stunning gradients that you can adjust directly on your shapes Mix and match texture fills to achieve a realistic look in your artworks Leverage a rich collection of Adjustments and Effects, including color transformations, blurs, shadows, and many more.

Advanced Typography. Gain complete control over your typography: font styles and weights, kerning, line, character and paragraph spacing, the ability to change the case non-destructively, etc. Import and use your own fonts alongside the full Google Fonts library and those installed on your system Use sophisticated Open type features such as small caps, common ligatures, and fractions Attach text to a path while keeping it fully editable Write in any language!

Enjoy full support for non-Latin languages including right-to-left and top-to-bottom writing directions.

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