Udf format mac os x

Asked 3 years, 6 months ago. Viewed times. It's possible there's some corruption, which just happens to not be causing an issue on most operating systems.

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Either that or Apple borked something, which is always possible. Still, I will try an fsck on one of the drives from Linux and see if that avoids the Apple kernel panic. Tried fsck on a drive, no improvement. Smooth sailing.

Udf format mac os x

Featured on Meta. For example, iDisk uses ….

Brief explanation. How can I save it on my hard drive? Other questions about "How to save udf dvd format in mac" How to display Blu Enter to Search.

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Listen to the It's main file type association is the Universal Disk Format Image File format, but also includes five other rarely-seen file types. Ask Question These are readable in OS X, and probably Linux but not windows. But and note well , I need to use a flash drive on all three, and I need a filesystem that will work well on all of them.

Reading of UDF 1.5-formatted CD's in OS X

In looking at online help which is generally very good here - thx It states that "UDF Universal Disk Format : The newest file system format available which continues to be updated. Essentially, there's not much that format-udf can do if OS X …. Now I'm confused. I tried using Burn as a burning program and was confronted with a plethora of format options. Will give an update then.

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Eug - thanks for the digging around on the net. Seems like there are some conflicting bits of info going on. Japtor - I'm not really sure, but I do remember there being compatibility issues if the disk wasn't closed initially. Reading of UDF 1. Eug Wanker.

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