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Browse with Brave. Learn more. Mac Multimedia Audio Mixxx Excellent free open source DJing software DJing software is often expensive but Mixxx breaks the mold as an excellent, open source and free DJing app that's incredibly accomplished. Mixxx features everything you'd expect in a commercial package including MIDI controller support and a View full description.

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Softonic review DJing software is often expensive but Mixxx breaks the mold as an excellent, open source and free DJing app that's incredibly accomplished. Download Mixxx 1. Free Download for Mac. User reviews about Mixxx Review. Thats my 2 cents Mensajes Wed 03 Aug 16 am.

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Windows 8. The good thing about windows and a laptop is that its a very flexible cheap combination, although this places demands on the user. Those with technical ability have few problems with windows. A DJ without technical ability in is like a bird without wings Mensajes Wed 03 Aug 16 pm.

Later, having moved into the publishing industry I learned how to use those itty-bitty Macintosh computers with first generation versions of Pagemaker, Photoshop and Quark. Then it was back to the PC world when I joined the staff of a local newspaper. At homes, I always had PC's. When it came time to transition to laptops I had enough personal experience, knew enough professionals in my field and had done plenty of homework.

I decided to get two identical MacBook Pro's. Both identical to each other and both used only for DJ work. I also decided to get Virtual DJ with a pro license.

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Two good decisions in my humble opinion. When you follow the discussions here, just ask yourself how many device driver, graphics card and operating system malfunctions seem to afflict the PC guys.

The ones who are technical gurus always find a fix and make it sound easy. As for me, nine times out of ten I just turn on my Mac's and concentrate on putting on a good show. My advice is that if you are very good at navigating the PC world go for it. But, if you are lookig for something that just plain works from the moment you take it out of the box -- go with Mac. You often claim you don't want to know about the technical side of things.. You say "I don't want to be a programmer". I might well be able to find your past quotes in this forum to justify these statements should they be needed.

Furthermore you're forevever posting pro Serato, and Mac comments, and also threatening to move on from VDJ.


Your heart is not that of a VDJ8 windows laptop man. Most DJ's work just the weekends, they have little spare money for luxuries such as Mac's, and top spec laptops.

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What's more there not needed. Dream on.. I doubt that. You could boot camp it I suppose. He also used to cover his laptop with plastic to protect it fro the crowd.

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